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Are you a swimmer? I love to swim. This isn't me by the way, it's my daughter, Michelle. At the present moment she is working in Jamaica and starts her mornings with a swim.

At the present moment I am in Northern Michigan and I am not starting my days off swimming but maybe I should. Have you ever participated in a polar plunge? This is a fundraiser for Special Olympics. if you're interested.

Why would anyone want to jump in the lake in the winter? Or take a cold shower? At this time of year my body is sluggish. Digestion is slow, the sun isn't here, SADD starts to take over. I would be happy spending the next month under warm blankets, lounging on the couch and drinking hot tisanes while reading books or binging something on the TV.

But I won't.

It's time to start waking up from this winter slumber. Think of a cold shower or a dip in cold water as a shock to your system to get things inside moving again. I need to get moving again, I need to get moving again. Maybe I'll place sticky notes around the house that say "get moving again".

Or maybe I should look at flights to Jamaica and take morning swims with my daughter.


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