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BCS is the largest manufacturer in Europe of premium quality, all-gear-driven, two-wheel tractors and attachments. Hundreds of thousands of customers in over 50 countries depend upon BCS quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks such as tilling, mowing, snow removal, brush chipping, sweeping, wood splitting, pressure washing, etc. People worldwide have found this precision-crafted two-wheel tractor to be the ideal machine for maintaining their property. It’s far less expensive, and far more maneuverable, than four wheel tractors. The BCS power units are more versatile and better performing than single purpose walk-behind machines.


Heartwood Forest Farms - BCS Harvester Series 2-wheel Tractors

The Harvester Series is designed for customers with a limited number of attachments for which they intend to use a two-wheel tractor. 

Harvester Series horsepower ranges from 5.7 (Model 710) to 8 (722); and have two working speeds in both directions with a third transport speed in rear-mount "tiller" mode. Each model has a straight axle configuration, which refers to both tractor wheels turning together for constant positive traction.


Heartwood Forest Farms - BCS Professional Series 2-wheel Tractors

The BCS Professional Series offers additional power, versatility and attributes.  Built for a wider range of attachments, the Professional models feature Differential Drive for turn-on-a-dime maneuverability.  Models 739 and up feature three working speeds in both directions, and models 749 and up feature individual wheel brakes on each handlebar.

PowerSafe (PS) models 739, 749 and 750 differ from the standard models with a hydro-mechanical “wet” clutch, designed for  longer clutch life, smoother shifting and safer operation.  The standard models offer a transport speed.

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