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Fire Cider!

As I prepare my seasonal fire cider, I’m reminiscent of the growing season. Sowing seeds, hands dirty in the cool soil, harvesting, warming sunrays on my face, the smell of the herbs as I brush by, experiencing the “wild LIFE” that exists, seen or unseen, flying, nesting, foraging, hunting or sipping nectar from flowers. I have always enjoyed being to be able to create nourishing products for my family, friends, and community. It takes practice, time, and presence to grow the plants that are nutritious and taste good. It takes a conscious mind to embrace plant spirit.

Fire Cider is a traditional remedy made by infusing apple cider vinegar with a blend of warming roots and herbs, then sweetened with honey. It can be taken when you are feeling symptoms of colds, congestion, or overall sinus issues. Small amounts taken may support your digestive and circulatory systems. It can also be considered a type of oxymel, which is a vinegar herbal infusion beverage, sweetened with honey. You can also use it as a delicious, warming salad dressing by mixing with olive oil.

This recipe has been adapted from the many fire cider recipes throughout history and our experience here at Heartwood Forest Farm.

INGREDIENTS raw apple cider vinegar 1 part onion 1/2 part garlic 1/2 part horseradish root 1/2 part ginger 1/4 part cayenne additional herbs of your choice (I like rosemary, sage and thyme) local honey to taste Parts can be more or less. Organic when possible!

DIRECTIONS 1. Finely chop all roots and place in glass jar. A mason jar works well, any size (use proportions to jar) 2. Chop herbs of your choice. These can be leaves or berries with the properties or flavors you would like to add to your finished fire cider 3. Add raw apple cider vinegar, enough to cover everything and top with a lid 4. Allow to infuse 4-6 weeks, turning daily and admiring, while sharing your positive energy 5. Strain, add your desired amount of honey, store in the refrigerator or cool place

Monographs for our Fire Cider Ingredients: A Condensed Version

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Anti-bacterial, probiotic, considered a food, 5% acidity

Onion Allium cepa Family: Amaryllidaceae

Energetics: warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant

Contains quercetin, a flavonoid with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

Garlic Allium sativum Family: Amaryllidaceae

Energetics: warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant


Horseradish Amoracia rusticana Family: Brassicacea

Energetics: warming & drying

Stimulant, expectorant, diaphoretic, diuretic

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Ginger Zingiber officinale Family: Zingiberaceae

Energetics: FRESH hot & drying DRIED warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant and relieves congestion.


Cayenne Capsicum annuum Family: Solanaceae

Energetics: very warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant, expectorant, aids in digestion

Rosemary Salvia Rosmarinus Family: Lamiaceae

Energetics: warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant


Sage Salvia officinalis Family: Lamiaceae

Energetics: warming & drying

Circulatory stimulant

Astringent, antimicrobial

Thyme Thymus vulgaris Family: Lamiaceae

Energetics: hot & dry

Circulatory stimulant


Natural sweetener

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

Supports the energetic function of the stomach and lungs.

Contains pollen and nectar as well as spirit magic from local plants.

Did you come to a conclusion about the energetics of the plants? Be sure to consider your energetics. Fire Cider is a perfect remedy when you begin to feel cold and damp. This is something every home should have in the refrigerator like any other condiment!

Enjoy this book for more ideas! Fire Cider!: 101 Zesty Recipes for Health-Boosting Remedies Made with Apple Cider Vinegar by Rosemary Gladstar where many other herbalists share their recipes and you can learn about their fight to save the term Fire Cider from trademark.


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