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Ocimum sanctum ‘Holy Basil’ Native and common in India and used in Ayurvedic medicine. An adaptogenic herb, restorative and renews vitality. Tea, tincture, vinegar.    Annual. Basils prefer warmer temperature. Plant outside about a week past your last expected frost date. Water well to establish, then water when the soil dries out, but before the plant wilts. When it is time to harvest, pinch back from the top down to just above a set of leaves. Two more branches will grow from that point to double your future harvest in about 10-14 days for most varieties. Basils are used for culinary as well as medicinal benefits as a digestive herb, which makes sense because Basil is in the mint family.

Basil, Holy

Excluding Sales Tax
Plants will be ready mid-end of June. You will receive a notification when they will be ready for pick up or when they are shipped.
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