We were sent seeds from Maria Noel Goves, RH (AHG) .  We're really excited to grow these plants and offer them to you.  Here's what Maria says: " Korean Licorice Mint (Agastache rugosa) Korean mint, giant hyssop, tu huo xiang.  There’s likely a bit of hybridization and variation amongst the Agastache species.It does look a lot like anise hyssop (A. foeniculum) – sometimes called licorice mint – by I find most anise hyssop has a sharper flavor that is more minty whereas my plants have a softer, honey-fennel flavor. Sort of opposite of  what you would expect from the common and Latin names. Original seed source: Seeds of Change (they no longer offer it)

In the garden-Hardy in zones 4 or 5 to 11

Short-lived perennial, rampant self-seeder. Babies are easy to pull out and/or move

Height can range from 1-2 feet tall (young plants, less-nourished soil) to up to 5 feet tall (second year plants,rich soil)

Adaptable to various soil, sun, and moisture conditions but will be most robust in nutrient-rich good-qualitysoil (like a veggie bed) with modest moisture or part-shade•

Pollinators love it!

Attractive purple blooms in mid/late summer

Ornamental, lovely in cut flower arrangements

Edible & Medicinal Flowers and Foliage

Carminative, digestive, eases cranky tummies, nausea, gas, bloating, enhances digestion. Soothes the throat. Mildly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal. Traditional use in Chinese and Korean medicine to transform dampness and release summer dampness, stomach upset, and summertime upper respiratory infections. Honey/fennel-like flavor enhancer and sweetener for tea, drink, food• Combine with vanilla to impart a root beer-like flavorLeaves: fennel-like seasoning fresh or dried – meatballs, salad, spring rolls, Asian marinades/dips/dressing…Flowers and Leaves: excellent tea, herb-infused honey, seltzer, infused cold water, etc.

Korean Licorice Mint 'Agastache rugosa'

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