Hand Crafted by Artisans in Texas and Mexico, practicing traditions that began in Mesoamerca, these mini copper cups are made from 100% recycled pure copper.  Copper is a natural, clean material with antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and has been used in ancient health, healing and spiritual practices around the world.  Copper is the preferred metal for drinking water.  These can easily  be clipped onto your backpack,  be tucked into your purse, kept in your herbal first aide kit,or displayed with your other drinkware. The Gunslinger Mini Mule Sippy Cup holds 2 ounces and has a handle.  The Sharpshooter Shot Cup also holds 2 ounces, but does not have a handle.  Your choice.  

Gunslinger or Sharpshooter 2 oz. Cups

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  • Your copper will need nothing more than to be wiped with a soft cloth.  The rich red metal will soon change to a warm glow and patina.  If you wish to keep polished, use those that are specifically made to use on copper.